Expo Halls

Expo Halls

The Expo Halls consist of 6 individual buildings that can be rented separately or as one.  Expo Halls 1through 3 are the most commonly used as 4 through 6 house the Lane Events Center Sports Center for the majority of each year.  Backing up to the Amazon Canal, the Expo Halls sit on the edge of the Lane Events Center and can be used by themselves or in conjunction with Convention Center functions.  With a variety of halls to choose from, the Expo Halls provide a creative and interesting use of space for any event.

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Features: Expo Hall two with catering tables
Building Diagram
Square Footage ranges from 6,500 – 10,600 square feet
Exposed Beams & Pillars
Concrete Floors
High Ceilings
PA System Available in some halls
Roll door access for Set Up 

Uses:Expo Hall Interior
Flea Markets
Animal Barns
In Conjunction with events in other 
Lane Events Center Buildings

440-700 Theatre style seats
90-250 Tables

Expo Four filled with Trucks







Photographs provided by LENS Photography